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Trailcon Leasing “Rocks ‘N’ Rolls” to Advanced New Facility in Brampton, Ontario

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, April 23, 2015 (Marketwired) — Trailcon Leasing has made the big move from its long-time home in Mississauga, Ontario, to an impressive new facility at 15 Spar Drive in neighbouring Brampton.

And they took their iconic rocks with them.

Trailcon is a Canadian leader in the trucking industry in trailer rental, leasing, and maintenance. Over the last 19 years, employees, visitors, and passersby have come and gone at 6950 Kenderry Gate in Mississauga, in the heart of the Ontario Transportation Centre. Much has changed, but one thing remained: the prominent rocks embedded with the Trailcon logo, welcoming people to the building.

Years ago, the area around Kenderry Gate was only partially developed. With Pearson International Airport nearby, and the Trailcon facility sitting in line with an existing flight path, restrictions prohibited brightly lit exterior signage. Trailcon President Alan Boughton came up with the idea of using a rock, similar to those he was used to seeing when driving through Caledon East, Ontario.

“Our rocks are a piece of history,” he says. “They’re cut from the Canadian Shield, where you find some of the oldest rocks on earth. They are symbols of our longevity and toughness and a recognizable part of Trailcon’s culture. No way we were going to leave them behind.”

Nineteen years of solid growth

And so, in mid-April, the rocks made the move to Brampton, along with hundreds of trailers and the nearly 100 staff and technicians who work out of Trailcon’s head office and Greater Toronto Area service facility. Trailcon began operating in 1992 with just one employee: President Alan Boughton. The company moved into the Kenderry Gate building in 1996, with just four employees. Today, more than 60 administrative, sales, and operations staff are employed across Canada, with an additional 65 mechanics.

The last 19 years have also seen Trailcon’s own fleet grow from 2,000 units to more than 6,500, which service for-hire carriers, private fleets, and some of the largest grocery and retail chains in the country. Its dedicated fleet maintenance operation looks after more than 15,000 Trailcon and customer-owned units across Canada.

Custom built with parking for 400 trailers

The massive Spar Drive facility is more than three times larger than the Kenderry Gate site, with 28,000 square feet sitting on a 15-acre property. Trailcon invested $22 million in acquiring the land and constructing the building.

The standout property includes parking for more than 400 trailers (strategically grouped for easy access and quick release) and a sheltered work bay where mechanics can work comfortably on up to 41 units. The parts area at the Brampton location is five times larger, with extra capacity for more bulk shipments – and improved pricing for customers.

Security features are top of the line, and staff is on site 24/7 in the customer call centre. IT and telecommunications throughout support seamless information flow for Trailcon’s Real Time Mobile Inspections (RTMI) and Mobile Repair Orders (MROs), both recent and vital developments in customer service.

“Our new location is custom built to maximize productivity and communication between departments,” Boughton says. “The interior design is all about our people, with spaces and furniture that look after their needs. And it’s been built with growth in mind; we’ve got spare offices and workstations we can use in the future. We’re in growth mode and that will certainly continue.”

A Trailcon “main street” runs from the reception area through to operations and will feature a 100-foot mural wall, custom designed to proudly highlight landmarks and landscapes from across Canada.

In addition to Brampton, Trailcon has operations in Cornwall, Edmonton, and Calgary.

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